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What people are saying about our masks

"We love your masks!"

"I've worn several types of masks, but feel safest in the 3MD masks."

"These masks are the best. I have ordered many to provide to the staff—both techs and support staff in our specialty medical Office, as well as to my physician colleagues. I will continue to order as need be, for family and friends. Thank you for this quality product."

"We love your masks, only ones that fit my child."

"We really love the masks.  I wore mine to work today and felt like it fit well and was easy to breathe through!"

"As a family doc, I really appreciate these masks for myself and my kids. Today I just bought extra masks for all my office MAs to use as community masks!"

"I just received mine and the quality is top-notch!  I am purchasing more for family and friends!"

"Ordered some for my immunocompromised mom and she loves it!  Feels like she can breathe better on her morning walks.  The ones I ordered for my husband and I came in yesterday.  I'm very excited about them!  I used it yesterday for a grocery run.  It was comfortable and breathable.  I loved it."

"The masks are excellent!"

"These are great and fit us perfectly.  And after wearing it all day today and it being very comfortable, just ordered another 20 so we could give some to our parents and friends."

"Love the masks so far and got one for each of my parents and siblings too! It’s great to feel like everyone is as protected and safe as possible."

"These masks are well-made, comfortable (especially love how they don’t kill my ears!), and independently tested. Highly recommended!"

”We received our masks and they are really excellent quality. Makes wearing a mask in my shared office very tolerable and they filter well. They are also comfortable and the patterns are great! Thank you again!”

“Got the masks and very happy with them, thank you!”
"These are very well made.  They fit me well.  I have acquired quite a few other face masks from friends and Etsy.  This is my favorite one in terms of fit and breathability"

“Got the first order and love the fit! I ordered more of the newer/better filtration as well as some kids ones. Thank you!!”

"They are great and feel much safer than the standard surgical mask."

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